5.2.1 Windowing and autocorrelation computation

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LP analysis is performed once per frame using an asymmetric window. The window has its weight concentrated at the fourth subframe and it consists of two parts: the first part is a half of a Hamming window and the second part is a quarter of a Hamming-cosine function cycle. The window is given by:

( 6 )

where the values L1=256 and L2=128 are used.

The autocorrelations of the windowed speech s'(n),n=0,…,383 are computed by

( 7 )

and a 60 Hz bandwidth expansion is used by lag windowing the autocorrelations using the window [2]

( 8 )

where f0=60 Hz is the bandwidth expansion and fs=12800 Hz is the sampling frequency. Further, r(0) is multiplied by the white noise correction factor 1.0001 which is equivalent to adding a noise floor at -40 dB.