7 Media codecs and formats for syndicated feeds

26.1503GPPProtocols and codecsRelease 17Syndicated Feed Reception (SFR) within 3GPP environmentsTS

7.1 Media Transport for enclosures

This section defines the media transport formats for Syndicated Feed Reception.

Syndicated Feed Reception supports progressive reception and rendering of 3GP files received using HTTP and packet switched streaming (PSS) sessions. A UE including reception support for 3GP files as defined in 3GPP TS 26.234 [6] should support Basic profile, Extended-presentation profile and Progressive-download profile as defined 3GPP TS 26.244 [7]. The UE shall support the mime type parameters as defined in RFC 4281[10] and should support Annex A of 3GPP TS 26.244 [7],

Syndicated Feed Reception supports RTP streaming sessions as defined in Packet Switched Streaming (PSS) with URIs as enclosures. A UE including a Packet Switched Streaming (PSS) client as defined in 3GPP TS 26.234 [6] should accept Packet Switched Streaming RTSP URIs as enclosures.

The Syndicated Feed Reader may receive linked files over MBMS and OMA Push.

7.2 Media codecs and formats

This section defines the default media formats and codecs supported syndicated feed reception.

PSS Media codecs and formats decoding capabilities defined in 3GPP TS 26.234 [6] are applicable to the present syndicated feeds, including in particular text and image, graphics codecs and formats.

Annex A (informative):
Interaction examples

This annex contains a set of informative interaction examples between SFR enabled Feed Readers, SFR server and feed servers. There are several alternatives to discover and subscribe to syndicated feeds.

– Feed Discovery using the UE Browser

– Feed Discovery using the Syndicated Feed Reader

– SFR Server Discovery triggered by Feed Discovery

– Feed Discovery using the PC Browser