5.6 Content Reception

26.1503GPPProtocols and codecsRelease 17Syndicated Feed Reception (SFR) within 3GPP environmentsTS

The SFR enabled Feed Reader uses the "Push" interface for optimized reception. The "Push" interface uses the DCD-2 interface and related procedures. Note that DCD-2 transactions are partly built on DCD-1 transactions:

– Content Update Push procedure: ContentUpdate Push message and optionally ContentDeliveryConfirmation message

– Content Update Notification procedure: ContentUpdateNotification message, ContentUpdateRequest message, ContentUpdateResponse message and optionally ContentDeliveryConfirmation message.

The DCD-2 interface binds to:

– OMA-PUSH as specified in [5]. SFR enabled Feed Reader shall support OTA-WSP notifications and may support other OMA-Push features. The SFR server shall use OTA-WSP for the content update push procedure and the Content Update Notification procedure for larger transmissions. The SFR server may support other OMA-Push features.

– MBMS delivery if supported:

– Via DCD adaptation to BCAST. This is optional to support for both the SFR server and SFR enabled Feed Reader.

– Via MBMS direct adaptation specification for DCD procedures as follow:

– When MBMS is supported, the SFR enabled Feed Reader and the SFR server shall support the mbms-access-info parameters in the DCD-2-broadcast-profile element as described in section 5.9

– Via OTA-PTM (if supported)

The SFR enabled Feed Reader may use the "Pull" interface for optimized reception. This can be used when the content provider specify that the content can be retrieved in "pull" as per the content network-preference metadata. The "Pull" interface uses a sub-set of DCD-1 interface that corresponds to the Content Update procedure, wich is widely aligned with the Content Update Notification procedure of the "Push" interface. The Content Update procedure consists of the ContentUpdateRequest, ContentUpdateResponse and optionally the ContentUpdateConfirmation messages.request, ContentUpdate response and ContentUpdateConfirmation as specified in section

Other DCD procedures (e.g. Content Submission procedure) specified for the DCD-1 interface may be supported by some implementations but are not required for SFR enabled Feed Readers and SFR servers 1.0.