6 Media synchronisation and presentation format

26.1413GPPIP Multimedia System (IMS) Messaging and PresenceMedia formats and codecsRelease 17TS

The 3GPP IMS Messaging and Presence uses a subset of SMIL 2.0 [24] for media synchronisation and scene description. IMS clients and servers with support for media synchronization and scene descriptions shall support the 3GPP SMIL Language Profile defined in [34].

– This profile is a subset of the SMIL 2.0 Language Profile but a superset of the SMIL 2.0 Basic Language Profile. Document [34] also includes an informative annex A that provides guidelines for SMIL content authors.

Additionally, XHTML Mobile Profile [30] for scene description should be supported. IMS clients and servers with support for scene descriptions based on XHTML shall support XHTML Mobile Profile [30], defined by the WAP Forum.

– XHTML Mobile Profile is a subset of XHTML 1.1 but a superset of XHTML Basic.

Annex A (informative):
CSI Handling