R.2 Delay Budget Information (DBI)

26.1143GPPIP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)Media handling and interactionMultimedia telephonyRelease 18TS

The new RTCP feedback types for Delay Budget Information (DBI) can be registered with IANA as follows:

Value name: 3gpp-delay-budget

Long name: Available or requested delay budget specified in milliseconds


Reference: TS 26.114.

The following value can be registered as one FMT value in the "FMT Values for RTPFB Payload Types" registry http://www.iana.org/assignments/rtp-parameters:

Name: DBI

Long name: Delay Budget Information (DBI)

Value: 10

Reference: TS 26.114.

Annex S (normative):
Multi-party Multimedia Conference Media Handling