M.11 3gpp-qos-hint

26.1143GPPIP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)Media handling and interactionMultimedia telephonyRelease 18TS

Contact name, email address, and telephone number:

3GPP Specifications Manager


+33 (0)492944200

Attribute Name (as it will appear in SDP)


Long-form Attribute Name in English:

3GPP QoS hint attribute

Type of Attribute

Media level

Is Attribute Value subject to the Charset Attribute?

This Attribute is not dependent on charset.

Purpose of the attribute:

This attribute is used to describe the UE’s desired QoS properties from the local access network.

Appropriate Attribute Values for this Attribute:

See TS 26.114 clause 6.2.7.x for ABNF and detailed usage.

MUX Category for this Attribute:


Annex N (informative):
Computation of b=AS for Video Codec