5 Multicast/Broadcast UE pre-configuration

24.5753GPP5G SystemMulticast/Broadcast UE pre-configuration Management Object (MO)Release 18TS

5.1 General

The UE pre-configuration MO is used to configure the UE with parameters related to MBS (see 3GPP TS 23.247 [3]).

The MO identifier is: urn: oma:mo:ext-3gpp-UE-pre-config-MBS:1.0.

Editor’s note: The MO identifier needs to be registered.

The OMA DM access control list (ACL) property mechanism (see OMA-ERELD-DM-V1_2 [8]) may be used to grant or deny access rights to OMA DM servers in order to modify nodes and leaf objects of the UE pre-configuration MO.

5.2 UE pre-configuration MO structure

The structure of the UE pre-configuration MO is shown in figure 5.2.1 and figure 5.2.1 below.

Figure 5.2.1: UE pre-configuration MO

Figure 5.2.2: PLMNList node