6.1.1 General

24.5013GPPNon-Access-Stratum (NAS) protocol for 5G System (5GS)Release 18Stage 3TS

This clause describes the procedures used for 5GS session management (5GSM) performed over an N1 NAS signalling connection.

The main function of the 5GSM sublayer is to support the PDU session handling in the UE and in the SMF (transferred via the AMF).

The 5GSM comprises procedures for:

– the authentication and authorization, establishment, modification and release of PDU sessions; and

– request for performing handover of an existing PDU session between 3GPP access and non-3GPP access, or to transfer an existing PDN connection in the EPS to the 5GS.

Each PDU session represents a PDU session established between the UE and an SMF. PDU sessions can remain established even if the radio and network resources constituting the corresponding PDU session between the UE and the SMF are temporarily released.

5GSM procedures can be performed only if a 5GMM context has been established between the UE and the AMF, and the secure exchange of NAS messages has been initiated by the AMF by use of the 5GMM procedures described in clause 5. Once the UE is successfully registered to a PLMN, a PDU session can be established. If no 5GMM context has been established, the 5GMM sublayer has to initiate the establishment of a 5GMM context by use of the 5GMM procedures as described in clause 5.

The UE can request the network to modify or release PDU sessions. The network can fulfil such a request from the UE by modifying a PDU session or releasing a PDU session using network-requested procedures (see subclause 6.3).