A.3 Definition of media feature tag g.3gpp.smsip-msisdn-less

24.3413GPPRelease 18Stage 3Support of SMS over IP networksTS

Media feature-tag name: g.3gpp.smsip-msisdn-less

ASN.1 Identifier:

Summary of the media feature indicated by this tag: This media feature-tag when used in a Contact header field of a SIP request or a SIP response indicates that the functional entity sending the SIP message supports MSISDN less operation of SMS via SIP MESSAGE request.

Values appropriate for use with this feature-tag: Boolean

The feature-tag is intended primarily for use in the following applications, protocols, services, or negotiation mechanisms: This feature-tag is most useful in a communications application, for describing the capabilities of a device, such as a phone or PDA.

Examples of typical use: Indicating that a user equipment supports MSISDN less operation of SMS via SIP MESSAGE request..

Related standards or documents: 3GPP TS 24.341: "Support of SMS over IP networks, stage 3", Relese 12, available via http://www.3gpp.org/specs/numbering.htm

Security Considerations: Security considerations for this media feature-tag are discussed in clause 12.1 of IETF RFC 3840 [53].

Annex B (informative):
Example signalling flows of SMS over IP functionality