E.2 MIME type for transporting MCData payload content

24.2823GPPMission Critical Data (MCData) signalling controlProtocol specificationRelease 18TS

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Security considerations:

General mechanisms for privacy and integrity protection of protocol parameters exist. Those mechanisms as well as authentication and further security mechanisms are described in 3GPP TS 24.229.

Security mechanisms specific to this MIME type are dependent upon the business and trust relationship between the mission critical data communications (MCData) operator and the SIP carrier operator. MCData operators may wish to encrypt and integrity protect the content transported by this MIME type indepedently of mechanisms provided by the transport layer. Such mechanisms are being specified in Rel-14 by 3GPP SA3. Security mechanisms applied to MCData payload are end-to-end (UE to UE).

The information transported in this media type does not include active or executable content.

This media type does not include provisions for directives that institute actions on a recipient’s files or other resources.

This media type does not include provisions for directives that institute actions that, while not directly harmful to the recipient, may result in disclosure of information that either facilitates a subsequent attack or else violates a recipient’s privacy in any way.

This media type does not employ compression.

Interoperability considerations:

The content transported within MIME type does not need to be interpreted by a server. It represents the payload that is delivered to the end-user or an application of the end-user. Each UE and server that handles the content transported using this MIME type shall understand the definition of the messages and protocol elements as defined in 3GPP TS 24.282. Any messages and protocol elements not defined by 3GPP TS 24.282 shall be ignored by the recipient UE or server.

Published specification:

3GPP TS 24.282 "Mission Critical Data (MCData) signalling control; Protocol specification" available via http://www.3gpp.org/specs/numbering.htm.

Application Usage:

Applications supporting the mission critical data communications procedures as described in the published specification. This MIME type shall contain data that is delivered to a terminating user or an application of the terminating user.

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