6.12 Delivery report for an Instant Message delivered as encapsulated Short Message

23.2043GPPRelease 17Stage 2Support of Short Message Service (SMS) over generic 3GPP Internet Protocol (IP) accessTS

This procedure follows the procedure described in clause 6.11, when the original Instant Message included a delivery notification request.

Figure 6.12: Delivery report after a successful Instant Message to encapsulated Short Message procedure

NOTE: An encapsulated Short Message has been sent successfully according to the procedure described in clause 6.11 before the procedure below can be performed.

1-2) The SMSIP UE has received the Short Message as described in clause 6.11 and sends a Delivery report (SMS-DELIVER-REPORT) to the IP-SM-GW via the S-CSCF.

3-4) The IP-SM-GW acknowledges, at the SIP level, the Delivery report to the SMSIP UE via the S-CSCF.

5-7) The IP-SM-GW sends a Delivery Notification to the IM UE or CPM UE.

8-10) The IM UE or CPM UE acknowledges the reception of the Delivery Notification.