22.2463GPPMultimedia Broadcast/Multicast Service (MBMS) user servicesRelease 17Stage 1TS

TS 22.146 [2] specifies the multimedia broadcast and multicast service (MBMS) application independent transport service and includes some guidance on application services and bit rates. The present specification defines MBMS User Services that use the capabilities of MBMS. Service related information is defined in this specification to specify requirements in terms of data rates, quality of service requirements, typical volumes of data etc.

MBMS User Services may be delivered to a user at different bit rates and quality of service depending on radio networks and conditions. This technical specification describes service scenarios for MBMS User Services.

In addition scenarios related to security and charging are described providing information for detailed MBMS User Services security and charging mechanisms to be specified. The service scenarios described in this specification are not exhaustive, it is possible that MBMS may be used for services that are not included in this specification. The present specification describes the minimal requirements for interoperability for MBMS based services. This specification establishes a basis which can also be used for future services.