7 Charging aspects for VAS-SMS

22.1423GPPRelease 17TSValue Added Services (VAS) for Short Message Service (SMS) requirements

The VAS-SMS shall provide accounting rules for accurate accounting. It shall be able to support following charging aspects.

– Charging Model

The VAS-SMS charging includes basic communication fee and special service fee.

Basic communication fee is paid for usage of network resource. CDR is generated by SMSC. Special service fee is paid for usage of the VAS-SMS. CDR is generated by the VAS-SMS system. Charging models of special service fee shall include but not limit to the following items:

i) charging per VAS-SMS

ii) monthly basis

Per each service category, different charging models and rates should be configurable for the special service fee.

– Charging principle

The following principles shall be supported according to different service categories:

i) VAS-SMS triggered by sending party – basic communication fee and special service fee are paid by the sending party.

ii) VAS-SMS services triggered by recipient – basic communication fee is paid by the sending party, whilst special service fee is paid by the recipient.

iii) Charging only happens after the status report has been received by the SMSC.

– Charging Scheme

The VAS-SMS shall support a standardized interface to transfer CDRs and other charging related information between the VAS-SMS and the billing system for prepaid and post-paid billing solutions.