5 Requirements of basic capabilities

22.1193GPPMaritime communication services over 3GPP systemRelease 17TS

5.1 Network connection and service continuity

5.1.1 Description

General 3GPP procedures of network connection and service continuity are applicable to maritime usage within 3GPP communication range. For example, a UE mapped to a vessel needs to perform network reselection when a vessel arrives at a port where 3GPP networks are available different from the 3GPP network that a vessel was previously connected to but disconnected from when the vessel started a voyage and moved out of coverage of that network. Additional capabilities for the establishment of a 3GPP network connection and for service continuity could improve user experiences on maritime communication services over a 3GPP system despite some constraints from the maritime communication environment including the communication environment inside a vessel that is usually made of steel.

5.1.2 Void

5.2 Identification

5.2.1 Description

A UE identity specified in 3GPP specifications is applicable to maritime usage. There are vessel identities for the identification of a vessel as a unique identity in maritime communication services. Mapping a UE identity with a vessel identity is needed to support identification procedures based on vessel identities in maritime domain when a vessel itself plays the role of a UE in a 3GPP system.

5.2.2 Requirements

The 3GPP system shall provide a mechanism to associate a UE identity with a vessel identity.