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22.0713GPPLocation Services (LCS)Release 17Service descriptionStage 1TS

This document provides the Stage One description of Location Services (LCS). A Stage One description provides an overall service description, primarily from the service subscriber’s and user’s points of view, but not dealing with the details of the Man Machine Interface (MMI). This TS includes information applicable to network operators, service providers and terminal, base station system, switch, and data base manufacturers.

NOTE: Location Services may be considered as a network provided enabling technology consisting of standardized service capabilities which enable the provision of location-based applications. These applications may be service provider specific. The description of the numerous and varied possible location applications which are enabled by this technology are outside the scope of this specification. However, clarifying examples of how the functionality being specified may be used to provide specific location services is included in various sections of the specification.

This document provides core requirements to an extent sufficient to derive a complete definition of location services at the service level. However, the present document also provides additional requirements which may suggest in a non-normative manner certain ways the system may be implemented to support location services.

LCS can be offered without subscription to basic telecommunication services. LCS is available to the following categories of LCS clients:

 Value Added Services LCS Clients – use LCS to support various value-added services. These clients can include UE subscribers as well as non-subscribers to other services.

 PLMN Operator LCS Clients – use LCS to enhance or support certain O&M related tasks, supplementary services, IN related services and bearer services and teleservices.

 Emergency Services LCS Clients – use LCS to enhance support for emergency calls from subscribers.

 Lawful Intercept LCS Clients – use LCS to support various legally required or sanctioned services.

LCS is applicable to any target UE whether or not the UE supports LCS, but with restrictions on choice of positioning method or notification of a location request to the UE user when LCS or individual positioning methods, respectively, are not supported by the UE.

LCS is being developed in phases with enhancements added in 3GPP releases.